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In patients with partial or complete adenosis, modest surgical treatments for orthopedic treatment preparation aim to restore the local anatomy of hard and soft tissues. With these procedures, you can lay the groundwork for a removable prosthesis. Prior to implantation, surgical procedures to repair bone abnormalities will be covered individually.

Adverse hard tissue morphology (alveolar ridge, basal bone) and/or deformity, as well as adverse soft tissue morphology (gingiva and alveolar mucosa), are clinical characteristics that obstruct the correct orthopedic rehabilitation of adentia sites. It’s crucial to remember that morphological malformations frequently involve both hard and soft tissues in any jaw region.

These deformities are frequently connected to changes in the jaws following tooth loss, inadequate endodontic care, or periodontal disease. Exostoses and toruses, exophytes, tumors, trauma, or the aftereffects of tumor removal are a few examples of abnormalities that can hinder dentures. The emphasis should be on spotting changes in the hard and soft tissues brought on by atrophy-causing conditions such as adentia, endodontic issues, or periodontal diseases.

Classification of alveolar ridge atrophy:


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