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Prosthetics – fixed and mobile dentures


Offer for patients:

  • All types of mobile and fixed dentures
  • Installation of crowns: metal-ceramic, glass-ceramic and zircon cronws
  • Installation of dental venus
  • Bridges
  • Partial and total dentures

Prosthetic rehabilitation of tooth is contained of all those processes by which tooth gets restored in combination with ordination and lab processes ie. In process of building these compensations both dentist and dental technician cooperate.


Prosthetics compensations can be roughly devided on:

  1. Fixed – fixed work
  2. Mobile – mobile work

Fixed prosthetics contains:

  • Dental venus
  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Mobile prosthetics 

Dental venuses are dental compensations used like thin coaters, made of materials in colour like tooth.

Compairing with classic crowns, venuses cover only front side of tooth. With this we also remove alot smaller teeth substances during drilling the teeth. These types of compensations are excellent choice for front teeth and in all cases where patient is not satisfied with the look of his teeth. Venuses are mostly made of ceramic materials, even if they can be madefrom composit. In any case, materials used in production are characterized with great transparency which is the main reason for natural look.