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Pediatric dentistry


Pediatric dentistry presents part of dentistry which deals with child teeth treatment. Main target is prevention of caries on milk teeth and first permanent teeth.

Cooperation of dental doctor and parents, right and on-time planed visit to the dentist is very important. Unknown person, tools and equipment can scare children. Our recommendation is to take child to dentist first few times without any intervention on teeth, so the child can develop confidence in dentist.

Oral hygiene

Children should wash teeth 2 times per day (parents should take care of this, until they reach mature to keep hygiene alone,). Teeth brush must be adapted to child, small and soft. In beginning, in time of teeth emergence, teeth can be washed with water only, and later when child learns how to spit the content out of oral cavity we can start using tooth paste. You probably noticed there are tooth pastes adapted to certain age of child. During shopping, we should be careful and see that tooth paste for age until 6 has low fluoride part under (500ppmF).

Also, after teeth wash at night, child shouldn’t consume and food or drin. This is specially related on drinking sweet fruit smoothies from bottle. This habit can cause caries of bottle – caries which affects front milk teeth and totally destroys them until gums. Our recommendation is to create habit at children to consume more water instead sweet smoothies.

Simple rules and habits adopted in early stage are very important for whole life. Those are adequate hygiene, healthy nutrition and visiting dentist orderly.

Milk teeth treatment

Milk teeth are not long life, but that doesn’t make them less important. They keep place for permanent teeth, and route the right way for growth. Caries destroys part of milk tooth, moves it and brings it in unnatural position. If milk tooth is not treated, there is big possibility that permanent tooth will be liable to caries.

Sometimes it is necessary to extract milk tooth. This is the case when permanent tooth is about to come up or is behind milk teeth which is strongly connected with jaw. Also, we can’t forget that the children are restless, so teeth injuries are not rare. In case of falling or hitting, crown fracture can occur or even tooth break out, it is very important to visit dentist as soon as possible.