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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is branch of stomatology which main target is correction of tooth position and relation between jaws. Main reasons for visiting the orthodont are teeth which are growing in wrong direction. Even orthodontics therapy can be applied any time in life, there is optimal time for every patient to start a therapy to get the best results in short period.

When it’s time to visit orthodont?

For kids, that period is latest by age of 7. Even though kids smile looks pretty from the outside, there are cases where anomalies are hidden behind beautiful smile. Early diagnosis of problem gives more time to orthodont to plan right treatment and therapy to patient. In some cases, early therapy can stop causing more serious problems. This early intervention can help therapy to last shorter in middle age.

Below you can find the list of symptoms/signs which tells us that we should visit orthodont:

  • Lack of space to fit all teeth between jaws
  • Protrusion of front teeth
  • Deep bite
  • Loss of milk teeth too early or too late
  • Thumb suction
  • Speaking difficulties
  • Chewing difficulties
  • Lack of teeth

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