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Tooth extraction


Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is congregation of steps by which teeth is separated from tooth socket and removed from it. Having in mind that tooth is connected with jaw with very strong tissues, tooth extraction means, besides right technique, applying some amoung of force. What is important is that force must be properly dosed and with right orientation to prevent any possible damage of jaw bone. During tooth extraction because of that, especially at multi-root teeth, various methods are applied for instance root cutting – separation, because on that way it is easier to perform extraction and preserve jaw bone. During one visit to dentist, one or more teeth can be extracted. Estimation is individual, it depends from situation in oral cavity and if the patient is willing to cooperate.

Treatment after extraction

Tooth extraction leaves open wound in oral cavity which slowly heals. Healing process is divided in few stages, and for patient is very important to be familiar what he can expect.

Immediately after extraction, after bleeding stops, blod clot forms inside. It’s red coloured and slightly elastic. In that period it is forbidden to flush oral cavity because it can cause clot flush and cause pain in wound and anew bleeding. After 2-3 days, clot surface becomes slightly white because of deposition of fibrin what is normal process of healing instead of manure (pus), what usualy confuses the patient. After 3-4 days, new blood vessels form, so that after 2 weeks wound becomes covered with new mucous membrane. Healing and bone renewing is the process which takes some amount of time, so we can say that it takes between 4-6 months to heal the bone.