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Sinus lift


What is sinus lift?

In next few sentences we will describe what is sinus lift and give an answer to eternal question – is sinus lift painful operation?

Sinus lift, respectively, lifting the bottom of sinus is completely painless procedure (local anesthesia).

There is no need for any special preparation for patient than usual procedure likewise dental filling, healing or tooth extraction. Worth to mention is that this procedure has high percentage of eficacy (about 97%, similar totooth implant procedure). Implants done on this way, in newborn sinus bone, have equal duration just like implants in healthy natural bone. But there are few more facts that you should know about sinus lift.

Why sinus lift?

Installing implant is not possible if we don’t have enough volume of bone which should hold the implant. Unfortunately, when we lose the tooth, bone which used to hold it in place, mostly atrophies and loses volume. In order to increase bone volume in upper jaw in which we install implant, we do the sinus lift.

By sinus lift procedure we build up the bone in sinus cavity above upper jaw. This procedure is usually done in the same time when implant is installed, of course, if there is any bone residue.

In case there is no bone at all, a certain amount of time must pass, usually 6-8 months before implant install. Sinus lift is done with local anesthesia so that procedure is painless.

Which materials are used in sinus lift surgery?

Regarding materials used in sinus lift, there are artificial materials which transforms in new bone( biooss, boneceramic, grafton…) and there is also possibility of implanting your own bone which is, in this case, taken from bottom jaw, milled and put in place of sinus lift.

One note, in most cases it’s enough to add artificial bone, without taking your own bone, and on this way in most cases (if there is at least 2mm of bone) implants can be installed in the same time significantly decreasing time for completing teeth.