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Granuloma is a bacterial infection placed on the tip of tooth root, which contains granuloma tissue rounded with fibrous capsule. Granuloma is invoked when caries is not treated on the right time so bacteria travels through tooth body till top of the root. That is followed by lasting inflammation which is mostly placed on the top of the root or ending of the root. Granuloma is not only result of caries, it can also develop after punch or various injuries. Unfortunately, symptoms of granuloma are not visible, and are only discovered when disease take place. That is when treatment is applied. In most cases there are some small cyst around affected tooth, so if you notice something like that it would be smart to go to doctors to check and even make x-ray examination.

Granuloma can be treated by treating root canal where we clean tooth root from bacteria and infected pulp and closing the hole by filling it with medicine. If treatments are not successfull, and we want to save the tooth, we are left to apicoectomy. Apicoectomy is a small surgery procedure by which we remove tip of the root above or under the inflammatory spot. We apply apicoectomy when all tooth canals are closed or bent so we can’t clean it so we have repetitive inflammatory processes.