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What is apicotomy?

Apicotomy is oral surgery operation used to remove tooth root tip (apex), most often because of chronic inflamation or fractures in area of tooth root tip (granulomas or cysts). Amicotomy is performed under local anesthesia, which means that this treatment is painless. We start treatment with cutting and lifting gums to reach tooth root. By this treatment we remove tip of root together with inflamation process, and after that we fill that space with necessary materials provided for that. Depending of individual case, tooth can be treated endodonticaly (cleaning and spreading tooth canal, and filling) before treatment or during treatment. Treatment is finished with returning gingival slice and stiching the wound. Apicotomy is most often treatment today because it enables patients conservation of teeth which can’t be treated with endodontical therapy and which should be extracted.

Apicotomy is considered like small surgery action in lasting 30 to 60 minutes, depending of region and actual tooth. Operations on front teeth last shorter while on bottom molars takes more time. Apicotomy is very successful method of healing, but considering that it is surgery action, it’s not performed in every ordination. In Dental Centar smile, apicotomy is performed by doctor of dental medicine Dominik Lubina.