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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is contained of sequence of surgical operations in purpose of improving undesired anatomic and biologic situations.

Thanks to latest technologies which enabled developing of new methods in practice of medicine, oral surgery is not so repulsive like before. Pain which was present during the operation is eliminated or minimized, while home therapy has excelent control on postoperative pain.

Most common oral surgery operations are:

  • Tooth extraction bocause of deep caries, advanced paradontosis or enormous periapical inflammation proceses.
  • Extraction of remaining wisdom tooth which remained undeveloped, partial or total. It’s not rare case that undeveloped wisdom teeth cause big inflammatory processes because of lack of space. That process is called pericoronitis and in most cases only cure for that state is extraction of wisdom tooth.
  • In cases when overgrown folds of mucosa, like the upper lip, disabling connection of central incisors or when they pull and put down gums, making the teeth naked, it is necessary to perform frenulectomy. This procedure is done at kids who, when good prepared, withstand it very well.
  • Apicoectomy is surgical removal of the tip of tooths root. In cases when there is lasting inflammation which are not treatable by classic therapy, we aproach surgicaly directly in place of inflammation, we clean inflamation and the tip of root is cut of.
  • Cyst removal, papilloma removal, fibroma, mucocela and other changes in oral cavity.
  • Regenerative pre-implantologic surgery means by all procedures of enlargment hard and soft tissues on alveolar ridge in purpose of getting close or optimal volume of tissue for successful providing implant-prothetic rehabilitation.
  • Sinus lift is also one of procedures of regenerative pre-implantologic surgery which creates favorably environment for implant-prothetic rehabilitation.
  • Installation of dental implants