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Tooth human implant (done in 3d graphics)

A dental implant is a titan screw placed into the bone and replaces the natural dental root. The surgery is painless and done under local anesthesia. Before surgery, it is necessary to make a CT image and to visit an implantology specialist. Implants replacing of one or more teeth, all teeth in the jawbone or as roots for dental prostheses. The type of implant used depends on the situation of the bone and on special wishes of the patient.
Implantology is a part of stomatology that deals with the insertion of dental implants. There are various types of implants. Implants are made of titan, biocompatible materials inserted into the jawbone as a replacement for a lacking dental root. With the help of dental implants, the problem of one or more tooth missing exist no more. The lack of all teeth can also be a phenomenon to solve by implants taking over the role of prosthesis bearers.
If the patient follow instructions to correct oral hygiene and regularly visits the dentist, dental implants may last a lifetime.

What is an implatant?

An implant is made of titan, shaped like screw. It’s inserted into jawbone of the patient by performing small surgery procedure; making space in jawbone and screwing titan in. Titan is substitutionfor a dental root. Implant can be inserted into the upper and lower jawbone. After some time the implant will adhere to the bone and take over the role of a dental root. The implant may also serve as support for a corona, bridge or prosthesis.

Therapy success percentage?

The success of such a therapy at our polyclinic is 99.4 %.

Is this proces painfull?

The process of inserting implants is done under local anaesthesia in order to avoid pain or unpleasantness. Yet, as with every other surgery, so in this case the patient may feel a little uncomfortable. But the majority of patients remain kindly surprised, because they expect much more pain and unpleasantness.

What are benefits of this procedure?

There are several advantages:
Continuous solution –after the dentist inserts the implant, no other means are needed. The implant is solid and robust.
Keeping teeth healthy – when traditional treatments like placing a bridge are used, it is necessary to polish adjacent teeth in order that they can support the bridge. The insertion of an implant avoids the need for polishing and by this the destruction of healthy teeth.
Better look – if you lose a tooth (including corona and root) the reduction of the jawbone may cause face ageing. The insertion of an implant can stop this process.

Does age of patient matter?

Older patients often think that their age could be an obstacle for the insertion of implants. Yet, the most important factor is the patients’ health situation independently of the age. If a person is old enough for the extraction of teeth, one can assume that the health situation is good enough for the insertion of an implant. After a visit to a specialist, the dentist will give advices about what kind of treatment is ideal for the individual situation.

Are implants good solution for me?

People missing one tooth or even more teeth are candidates for an insertion of implants. The only obstacle may be the bone size and possible chronic diseases. Yet, there are adequate solutions even in such cases. Your dentist is the only person being able to decide whether you are a candidate for insertion of implants.