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Botox tretmani


Botox, in Europe also known as Vistabel, is a natural purified protein produced by the bacteria Clostidium botulinum, which is in use in medicine for last 10 year. Its first areas of usage were in ophthalmology, neurology, pediatrics, and in last few years it is mostly used in cosmetics, respectively in aesthetic surgery.

Botox treatment is safe and one of most successful and most popular aesthetic treatments for wrinkle removal in forehead area. It’s about simple, neurosurgical treatment which is performed in our clinic and the treatment is painless and lasts few minutes in total. Botox will not affect on sense nerves neither you will feel tensely. When used as intended, it can give attractive look, but also be careful not to overdo it. This is the reason why you should be treated by experienced doctor who is able to estimate the size of your face muscles and how much Botox you really need.